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About Our Nursery 

Kiddies Corner Day Nursery was established in 1999 by Janette Gibbons.

At the time, Janette had 3 young children and felt as though local nurseries didn’t offer the high-quality social and developmental experiences she wanted to provide for her own family. Kiddies Corner was set up to give parents in Llandudno a fun, yet caring environment, where they can leave their children, safe in the knowledge they are being properly looked after.

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Our Mission

The Kiddies Corner Day Nursery mission is to create a variety of fun; play, development and social experiences for children that they may not get to experience at home, in order to prepare them for school and beyond.

Kiddies Corner Day Nursery strives to inform and entertain families by opening a window into their children’s time with us and giving parents the time they need to care for themselves and their families.

Our Vision

Kiddies Corner believes in putting our children first.

This vision guides our decisions in everything we do and helps us focus our key areas of growth and development to ensure we are providing the best experience for the children and always remain at the forefront of childcare.

Our Children

The Kiddies Corner Vision is that the children in our care will have the best start in life because we have devoted our time and attention to promoting and developing the skills they need, socially, emotionally and physically.

Children are treated with respect and dignity by our team, their ideas are encouraged and lives are enhanced through the experiences they have and the friendship they make whilst at Kiddies Corner.

One Big Family

Kiddies Corner wants our families to be a part of their child’s journey with us. It is important that our families know what their children have been doing, how they are growing and developing.

We create a window for families to see their children grow and see we are a home from home; safe, reliable and welcoming.

Our Team

The employees of Kiddies Corner are chosen because they have positive attitudes and are passionate about providing unmatched care and enhanced play with well thought out and tailored social, learning and development experiences for our children.

Kiddies Corner invests in our people, making sure we listen to, look after and develop our team to ensure the children are receiving the best care from an experienced passionate team.


Where appropriate Kiddies Corner will use technology and automation to increase time with children by reducing the amount of time spent on manual administration tasks.

Technology will also be used to help improve communications with parents to promote visibility into their child’s day. As Technology improves Kiddies Corner will take full advantage of it to ensure the children receive real human interactions.

Our Values

Kiddies Corner Day Nursery is a values based business. This means decisions for all aspects of the business, from hiring employees to improving and developing our operations, are all based on the following values:

Home from Home – Ownership

A child is the most important thing in the world and we are being entrusted to help keep that child safe. Parents take comfort in the fact their child is in a safe, reliable and welcoming environment with people the child and parent trust.

We speak up and take ownership if something is not right, safe or how we do things at Kiddies Corner. It is our responsibility to fix the issue once we have noticed it and leave things better than we found them.

Whole Heart Care – Respect

We should care with our whole hearts about the people connected with Kiddies Corner Day Nursery. We treat every person who comes into contact with us with a high level of respect.

We should ensure that we are doing our best for the people we care for, work with and for those that visit our nursery like the families of those we care for and other people that help us to improve our service.

Learning is Fun – Development

Everything should be a learning opportunity, from the enhanced play we provide for the children, the conversations we have with families and the training we have as employees of Kiddies Corner.

Learning is Fun and we should be excited about being the best we can be, knowing the children we care for and helping them develop to the best of our abilities and helping the parents learn with their children.

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Kiddies Corner - Llandudno West Shore
35 Bryniau Road
LL30 2EZ

03335 677716


Monday – Saturday (including Bank holidays)

7:30 am to 6 pm

(We take Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day off!)

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