Kiddies Corner





The Blue Caterpillar room is where the youngest of our children spend their time. The children in this room range from 3 months to 18 months, and Fiona, the dedicated room leader, ensures that every single baby experiences a fun, stimulating and enjoyable environment whilst at Kiddies Corner. Blue Caterpillar staff are dedicated in helping the children under their care grow and develop into independent, curious toddlers by offering a range of sensory play experiences, outings to local spots such as West Shore beach and the park, having plenty of tummy time and exercise as well as having a range of exciting maths toys, games and activities to explore. The children in the Blue Caterpillar room will be slowly introduced to the Welsh language through songs and rhymes, and these language skills will be built upon as they grow and learn in Kiddies Corner.

Our staff strongly believe in building positive relationships based on communication and trust from an early age, which is why each child has a dedicated key worker in the Blue Caterpillar room, which means that they will always have a recognisable, friendly face.

white rabbit

White Rabbit is where the children transition to when both the child’s key worker and the parents mutually agree that they are ready to move on from the Blue Caterpillar room. The White Rabbit room has a vast range of activities on offer, ranging from mathematical puzzles, sorting activities and games, to malleable and messy play, to art and crafts, role play, construction and much more! Using the basic Welsh terminology and phonics that were encouraged in Blue Caterpillar, the White Rabbit staff will continue to introduce Welsh words that are used in every day language, giving them a head start for life as pre-schoolers. The room leader and staff in White Rabbit work closely with other room leaders and staff to help promote independence, and the positive individual development of each child under their care, whilst helping them grow into confident, eager learners.

Cheshire Cat

The Cheshire Cat room is where the eldest of our children play, learn and explore. Children in the Cheshire Cat room are usually aged 2 ½ years and up. This includes the Foundation Phase children, pre-school children and the After School Club. The Cheshire Cat room is more education led, and we base our planning and activities on the 7 areas of learning within the Foundation Phase (learn more about this here: We strongly believe that learning and education should be a fun, positive and exciting experience for every child, which is why we take such pride in our resources and dedicated learning areas such as the art and craft corner and the mathematics corner. Cheshire Cat’s room leader is a fluent Welsh speaker and incorporates the development of the Welsh language into the planning that the room follows, as we believe that the ability to understand and converse in Welsh is extremely important, especially for when the children start their schooling. We believe that each child should have an equal opportunity to get the most out of their nursery experience, regardless of their abilities, background or circumstances, and to also feel completely comfortable and ‘at home’ in nursery. This is why several members of staff hold or are working towards a Level 5 qualification in Children’s Learning, Care and Development and dedicate time to improving their practice by through, training days and meetings with Foundation Phase officers. Each child in the Cheshire Cat room will have a dedicated key worker, as a key worker is someone regular and familiar that children can trust and rely on to be flexible, attentive, trustworthy and ensure that they get the best out of their nursery experience. The room leader and staff members in the Cheshire Cat room believe in working closely with parents and carers to make sure that each child gets the best possible start to their education, and are ready, confident and eager for when they start school.