Our Eco Code @Kiddies Corner Day Nursery

Kiddies Corner Day Nursery’s Eco Code:

Respect the Environment

Learn about litter, recycling, transport, water and energy use

Create a litter-free environment

Pick up any litter found in outdoor play area

Be aware of the benefits of recycling

Recycle paper, cardboard, plastic, tins, small electrical items, food waste,

glass, clothes

Think before you throw away waste

Use paper wisely, don’t dump rubbish, recycle it if you can

Be aware of wasting watering

Always turn the tap off when not in use. Save rainwater to water the plants

Be aware of wasting energy

Always turn off the lights, CD player and computers when not in use

Look after our nursery’s grounds

Make the nursery garden look nice, grow plants and be kind to wildlife

Think about how you travel to nursery

Walk or car share to nursery whenever you can

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