Meet Our Management Team.



Nursery Manager/Owner                                        Laura Jones                                  third in charge


Our Nursery Owner and Manager                  Third Person in charge                         Third Person in charge and

Janette Gibbons.                                             Laura Jones                                         Blue Caterpillar Room Leader, Fiona Ashley.



Teaching advisor                                               White Rabbit Room Leader                                 Cheshire Cat Room Leader

Rebecca Gill                                                      Elsie Davies                                                         Hannah Clarkson


Our team is managed by our Nursery Manager and Owner, Janette Gibbons and her Assistant Manager, Sian. They are both qualified to NVQ Level 4 in Childcare, Learning and Development.

Each room has a Room Leader whose job it is to ensure the quality of the childcare provided is the best it can be. Each room will have a member of staff in qualified to Level 3 in Childcare, Learning and Development, on duty at all times, supported by Nursery Assistants.

All of our team has been specially selected for their experience and genuine love of working with children and have all passed satisfactory health, police and reference checks.

The team is committed to learning about the changing practices throughout the field of childcare and education and are continually sent on the most up to date Childcare courses improve and increase their skills. We believe it is essential for all of our staff to receive the most up to date training in paediatric first aid, Child protection and Positive behaviour management. We also embrace new and fun courses to develop our staff skills, things like ‘Den Building’, ‘Planting and growing’ and ‘Cooking with children’.

Regular team meetings are held and the work of the team is supported by means of regular appraisals.

The nursery operates a ‘Key Worker’ system, meaning your child is assigned a key worker who is responsible for maintaining the developmental records (learning logs) of your child and keeping you informed on your child’s progress, along with being available to discuss any issues. The records are available for Parents contributions and observations. In the hallway is a team picture board, donating the status of all team members.